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Infection Waste

Micro biological laboratory waste (Culture and inventories, infectious body fluids, serological waste,
Other kontaminelaboratuv the waste (slide-lamella, pipettes, Petri dishes, etc.).
Blood and blood products contaminated with these objects
Used surgical clothes (cloth, apron, gloves, etc.).
Dialysis waste (waste water and equipment) quarantine waste
Air filters, including bacteria and viruses, infected laboratory animal carcasses, body parts, blood and all objects that come into contact with them
Pathological waste

Operating theaters, mortuary, autopsy, body parts originating from places such as forensics, organic parts, placenta, cut limbs and so on. (human pathological wastes)
Guinea pig carcasses used in biological experiments
Stab Waste

Pintle, other cutter with needle, scalpel, slide-lamellar glass pasteur pipette, broken glass, etc. other.
Ürün Adı :

240 Liter Plastic Medical Waste Container

Kategorisi : Medical Waste
Genişlik500 MM
Uzunluk770 MM
Yükseklik1070 MM
Genişlik İç995 MM
Uzunluk İç
Yükseklik İç
Tekerlek Çapı
Ağırlık14 KG
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